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Good postural alignment is when your spine is is aligned with your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Postural adaptations happen during pregnancy as your centre of gravity shifts because your abdomen grows to accommodate your developing baby. Bringing your attention to your alignment will help you to strengthen and mobilise areas of your body that are compensating because of these postural changes. It is especially important during the healing postpartum period to practice good alignment because it helps you to avoid placing excess pressure on the pelvic floor and core muscles and tissues.


We optimise your breathing so that you are able to manage core pressure. Core pressure is what happens when we cough, sneeze, sit up, twist, lift something or even just stay balanced. Managing core pressure is important for placing an appropriate level of challenge on the abdominal muscles and tissues; allowing them to heal and get stronger over time. I am certified in Munira Hudani’s InCore Method for treating Diastasis Recti and I am a certified Oxygen Advantage Instructor. My methods include assessing your breathing pattern and prescribing exercises to make improvements and then coordinating your breath with the core and pelvic floor muscles to give you a strong foundation for returning to exercise. I am also certified in instructing hypopressives, which is a low pressure form of core training which is proving to be a successful method for treating pelvic organ prolapse.


This phase is designed to meet you where you are at in your return to fitness journey. Every mum progresses at her own pace. The approach is bespoke, meaning that they are designed to strengthen and mobilise areas of your body that need it most; and progressive, meaning that your 12 weeks programming blocks will challenge you at the right level for you and make you better by the end of each 12 week block. Your results are tracked so you have tangible data to see how well you are doing. This phase is where you can take your fitness to the next level and get you ready to return to running, or your favourite HIIT class or sport.


Feeling like yourself again after pregnancy, birth and the intense demands of life with a newborn takes more than prescriptive exercise. Gut health, hydration, sleep and stress management are essential for good overall health. This is why I take a holistic approach to coaching mums as a whole person.
Have you ever tried to get healthy or lose weight with a restrictive diet plan? It can be very time consuming, feel overwhelming, and ultimately fail because restriction is not a sustainable way of life. My holistic coaching will allow you to prioritise your health along with your busy mum life without having to restrict yourself or commit to a huge overhaul that will leave you feeling depleted and like you failed again at the latest diet fad. You will learn how to make health a part of your routine, with nutrition and lifestyle skills and mindset practices so that your health will become a habit for life. The holistic coaching experience will improve your understanding of your body and help you become independent in terms of how to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle in both body and mind.

Jen de Mel

Jen de Mel


The programme is designed in three distinct phases, starting with the foundational alignment and breathing phase, which can be commenced immediately postpartum. This phase typically lasts between 2-6 weeks, depending on where you are in your postpartum journey. Even if you are further along in your postpartum journey, I strongly recommend you go through this foundational phase to re-establish and bring awareness to your postural alignment and breathing patterns.

The second phase marks the beginning of your strengthening phase, which will teach you how to correctly synchronise your breath, core and pelvic floor engagement during exercise and daily movement.

The third phase is where we build resilience through increasing the challenge on your body at an appropriate pace, adding more load and complexity to your exercise programme. If you have a particular goal you are working towards, such as running a certain distance or returning to high impact sport, then we will work towards that goal.

Before commencing any type of exercise programme post birth, you are strongly advised to obtain clearance from your doctor. A document outlining the types of activities you will be doing can be provided to your doctor for this purpose. 

Time is a very common challenge for new mums because your baby needs care around the clock. The exercises sessions can be shortened according to the time you have available, alternatively you can practice them individually as opportunity arises. The concept of the programme is to increase your mind body connection to the entire core so consistent practice is key, however, it doesn’t have to be done in long sessions. You will also have access to the exercise programmes in an iOS/android app right from your phone so you can easily access the exercise demonstrations at any time. 

While I don’t avocate the toxic bounce-back diet culture for new mothers, I do understand the desire to reduce extra weight that may have been gained while making your baby! This is why I include a healthy habits approach to weight-loss. You won’t see restrictive meal plans on this programme because my approach is to keep you energised rather than deplete the little energy that you may have with the high demands of motherhood and lack of sleep!

Healthy habits are easy to do and when done consistently lead to big change. When you make a small change to your routine, it is much more likely that you will be able to stick to it long term. Small habits gets you started and create momentum towards larger goals. You don’t need a lot of time or resources to make a small change and you can start right away.

The combination of the Core Restore exercises and whole-person coaching will give you the best results for improving the appearance of your abdomen. Your core muscles are made up of the pelvic floor, deep core muscles – or transverse abdominis, internal  and external obliques, rectus abdominis and multifidus. Your programme will also take into account how much compliance there is in the connective tissues of the core, in particular, the linea alba.

Improving the strength of the core muscles and the integrity of the connective tissues is very likely to result in an improved appearance of the abdomen. Do note that this is largely dependant on how much adipose tissue you are genetically predisposed to storing around your abdomen. Combining the nutrition and lifestyle coaching with the Core Restore exercises will lead to better results. 

Please note that you will never hear me refer to a mother’s abdomen as a ‘mummy tummy’ or ‘postpartum pooch’ because this is a terribly toxic way of describing a woman’s body in a very vulnerable period of her life. There is no shame in a woman having a tummy that looks like she has had a baby, but this kind of messaging can lead to feelings of inadequacy, guilt and contribute to mental health issues. 

Please provide two weeks notice in writing to me at for terminating any of the core restore programmes, including Optimal Core and Core Essentials Hybrid and Online subscriptions.